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N.Bowers, H.Gerber, J.Hickman, D.Jones, C.Nesbitt. Actuarial Mathematics, The Society of Actuaries, 1997, Contents of the translation»

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S.E.Sawitch. Elementary Theory of Insurance and Pensions (in Russian; first ed. 1900, second ed. 1909), 3-d ed., with addenda. M.: Janus-K, 2003. 496 p. Contents»  Foreword»  Biography of S.E.Sawitch»

The book written by a prominent Russian actuary S.E.Sawitch (1864 - supposedly 1936) exposes the background of the actuarial mathematics. Edited first in 1900, in the year when the Russian Empire switched to the pension schemes based on the mortality studies, and re-edited in 1909, it is completely up-to-date as a valuable scientific and educational monograph. The book supplies the reader (using standard actuarial notation!) with basic and not so basic facts about life insurance and pension models and with the actuarial technique appropriate to these models. The book is based on the classical Russian courses of the probability theory written by the worldwide authorities in that field - P.L.Tchebysheff and A.A.Markoff.

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J.Lemaire. Automobile Insurance: Actuarial Models, Kluwer, 1996, Contents of the translation»

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J.Lemaire. Bonus-malus systems in automobile insurance, Kluwer, 1995, Contents of the translation»

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Harry H. Panjer (editor), Phelim P. Boyle, Samuel H. Cox, Daniel Dufresne, Hans U. Gerber, Heinz H. Mueller, Hal W. Pedersen, Stanley R. Pliska, Michael Sherris, Elias S.W. Shiu, Ken Seng Tan, Financial Economics: With Applications to Investments, Insurance and Pensions, The Society of Actuaries, 1998. Contents of the translation»

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Rob Kaas, Marc Goovaerts, Jan Dhaene and Michel Denuit / MODERN ACTUARIAL RISK THEORY

Apart from standard actuarial theory, Modern Actuarial Risk Theory contains methods that are relevant for actuarial practice, for instance the rating of automobile insurance policies, premium principles and IBNR models, as well as generalized linear models with an eye on actuarial applications. Furthermore extensive introductions are given to credibility theory and ordering of risks. The book reflects the state of the art in actuarial risk theory. In addition to some chapters which are compatible with official material of actuarial education in North-America, Europe and other parts of the world, the book contains important material on topics that are relevant for recent insurance and actuarial developments including determining solvency measures, fair-value computations, reserving, ranking of risks, modelling dependencies and the use of generalized linear models. Basic ideas on risk measures in the framework of insurance premiums are also considered. The numerous exercises contained in Modern Actuarial Risk Theory, together with the hints for solving the more difficult ones and the numerical answers to many others, make the book useful as a textbook. Some important practical paradigms in insurance are presented in a way that is appealing to actuaries in their daily business. The mathematical background assumed is on a level such as acquired in the first stage of a bachelors program in quantitative economics or mathematical statistics.

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